The design of S23M’s healthcare software solutions is informed by the needs of local communities and is co-led by clinicians, nurses, and allied health professionals who continue to work on the front lines of healthcare delivery.

This allows us to bring our technological expertise and understanding of the needs of healthcare providers and their patients together in an optimal way. All our product lines are fully cloud based (SaaS) solutions:

Patient Journey Management – a comprehensive collection of highly configurable functional modules for hospitals, covering the coordination of all levels of integrated healthcare services.

Care Facility Management – a product line offers unique resident-focused facility management and sales support functionality, including seamless integration with the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Care Support – a patient / resident-focused collection of easily configurable functional modules to coordinate care teams, facilitate and document care delivery in accordance with relevant national and regional regulations, and enable seamless collaboration across the broader healthcare ecosystem.

Professional Network of Care – a product line for catalysing knowledge flows and creative collaboration within associations of healthcare professionals that allows nurses, clinicians, and allied health professionals to connect with the needs of local communities.

Community Network of Care – unique functionality that enables patients, residents, whānau, and members of the local community to collaborate, to contribute to the co-design of healthcare services in their geography, and to connect with the broader healthcare service delivery ecosystem.

The S23M Advantage

Healthcare professionals, patients, residents, and members of local communities only need access to an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser to access our software solutions. All functional modules feature responsive user interfaces, enabling a seamless user experience across a variety of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

  • Fully cloud based (SaaS)
  • Data export and data import functionality for all data sets (for authorised users)
  • Future proof configurable data governance policies
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Xero, Google, Dropbox and other popular cloud services
  • Out-of-the-box integration with regional networks of care
  • Fully multilingual user interface and data sets
  • Users can nominate preferred and second languages
  • Service providers can nominate preferred and second languages
  • Compliance with national and regional terminological standards
  • 24 x 7 technical product support
  • On-demand on-site and web-based training course delivery in New Zealand and Australia
  • On-demand additional system integration services