Service Design

Jorn Bettin

Head of Service

Jorn has over 30 years of experience in Australia, Aotearoa, Europe, and Asia, with a focus on transdisciplinary collaboration in neurodiverse teams, including co-design of new community-oriented and patient centric models of care. Jorn loves building and working with high performance teams. He has pioneered the MODA + MODE methodology, and has written several books on creative collaboration and model driven product line engineering.

Jorn is part of the Design Justice Network and is passionate about capturing the knowledge flow of leading domain experts, to co-create human scale organisations and systems which are understandable by future generations of humans and software tools.

Dr Pete Rive

Head of Community

Pete has over 30 years experience and research in creative collaboration and innovation. He is a futurist who has consulted in education, film and TV industries, media, digital design, telecommunications, and government. He is also an accomplished producer of high quality film and TV productions.

Pete is passionate about liberating creativity in organisations and individuals, and enabling the free flow of knowledge to achieve transformational outcomes.

Keith Duddy

Interoperability Architect

Keith has spent the last 25 years working at the interface of research, standards, and commercial software. He is a pioneer of model-based generative software development approaches for large distributed systems. Keith has worked in many contexts, but has gained special insights into healthcare, architecture and construction, and telecommunications, using this approach to solve problems with a combination of human and machine communication.

Keith loves engaging in collaborative work with diverse teams, where his knowledge of computing from bits and bytes, up through computing languages, and domain specific visual formalisms, can help solve real world problems in many different industries.

Andrew Shewring

Sales, Europe

Andrew has designed and developed software-intensive products and services in New Zealand, Germany and Switzerland since 2004.

His experience covers a range of sectors including healthcare, manufacturing, construction, industrial automation, logistics, finance, education, and startups, and he has been a key member of the S23M open source team from the very beginning.

Andrew is passionate about enabling people and organisations to reach their full potential, by designing and developing world class software solutions which empower people to collaborate and innovate in new ways.

A/Prof Terry Hannan

Clinical Advisor

A/Prof Terry Hannan has been a Consultant Specialist Physician in General Internal Medicine since 1975. His experience in eHealth began in 1984 when he was invited to assist in the implementation of the Johns Hopkins Oncology Centre Information System for the NSW State Cancer Council within the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney.

Based on this foundational experience of implementing complex clinical information systems Dr Hannan was invited by the Indiana University to assist in the implementation of eHealth systems in Eldoret, Kenya and in the management of 40 million people living with AIDS in sub-Saharan Africa. Terry maintains an active academic position as a Visiting Fellow, Centre for Health Informatics, Macquarie University, Sydney.

Software Solution Delivery

All our cloud based (SaaS) software solutions are developed with low/no code infrastructure, in a joint venture with Comfac Technology Options, one of the leading information technology (IT) companies in the Philippines, with a dedicated SaaS development and delivery team of 70 software professionals across New Zealand and the Philippines.

Ryan Canja
New Zealand

Ryan is a highly motivated and results-oriented individual who has been in the IT industry for over 20 years. He has a unique blend of strong technical and business experience with managerial and operational expertise, advanced skills in strategic planning and business development.

He has extensive experience in leading the development and delivery, local and international technology projects in various industries ranging from traditional client-server architecture to cloud computing, from the web to mobile across open-source and proprietary technologies.

Anna Pauline Singson-VilaOperations and Support Manager

Kimberly Del PradoQuality Assurance Manager

Dennis R. BuenviajeProject Manager

Katherine Pineda Bognot – SaludoProject Manager

Cesar PastorSystem Integration Architect

Herbert SuralHead of DevOps

Justine Del PradoSystems Administrator


Sarah Bettin
Office Manager

Sarah has lived in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and is now firmly rooted in Aotearoa. For the last 15 years Sarah has been taking care of the office and finance administration needs of S23M, the Autistic Collaboration Trust, and other human scale teams both in Aotearoa New Zealand and Australia.

Sarah is optimistic that soon all neurodivergent cognitive lenses will be de-pathologised, and the relevant minority groups will take ownership of definitions and labels.