The core of the Employee Wellbeing / Employer Rating Service is an anonymous assessment of psychological safety, cultural safety, and inclusiveness. S23M is committed to honouring indigenous data sovereignty principles.

As an employee you can submit feedback on your current and past employers via this survey:

In case your employer is enrolled in the Employee Wellbeing / Employer Rating Service, an employer specific survey link (url) will be issued and used for regular surveys.

Please note that in order to maximise the protection of employees, S23M will never share information about who participated in the survey nor any of the anonymous individual responses with employers nor with any other party.

➜ Service User Guide, including frequently asked questions

Confirmation of participation

Towards the end of a regular survey run for an employer, and only once we have received at least 10 responses, the employer asks all employees to confirm their participation independently from their survey response by registering their name and email address directly with us via a dedicated online form issued by S23M. This allows volunteers from the Design Justice Network and the Autistic Collaboration Trust to verify the identities of a small random sample of participants in order to discourage employers from submitting responses on behalf of employees.