S23M is a company with best-of-breed solutions based on our unique insights into human factors.

Our expertise and highly developed methodology provide us with a deep understanding of the patient journey, from initial presentation to a primary care provider to quaternary level care and well beyond.

All our cloud based (SaaS) software solutions are developed with low/no code infrastructure, with a dedicated SaaS development and delivery team of over 75 healthcare domain experts and software professionals across Aotearoa, Australia, and the Philippines.

Our philosophy is Collaboration for Life.

We believe that simply providing software solutions is not enough.

“To date the quality of social interactions and culture have been difficult to evaluate, but the emergence of their importance demands an ability to measure and evaluate these factors. The independently administered Employee Wellbeing surveys operated by S23M represent an excellent tool to assist your organisation to meet this challenge head-on.”

Visiting Faculty Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University
International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics

Our approach to implementation allows both meaningful co-design with local communities and collaborative education to support all the healthcare practitioners who are involved in delivering integrated healthcare.

We enable healthcare organisations to take the care they deliver to another level.

Co-designed with Communities and Clinicians

As a doctor who has lived through the movement from paper to digital processes across both private and public sectors, I have experienced the frustration of using poorly designed software solutions and am only too aware of the potential impact such solutions can have on the care I deliver.

The healthcare system is extraordinarily complex. 

S23M’s collaborative approach and expertise with healthcare interoperability allows us to design and deploy forward thinking digital solutions into highly complex environments, which are typically dominated by legacy software.

In addition to understanding the technological challenges, S23M’s highly advanced MODA + MODE methodology also provides deep insight into our human centred processes, in order to help us work together in much better ways.

​Dr. Hament Pandya MB ChB FRANZCR

Our Services

Public Health Advisory
Appropriate systems for the monitoring and management of diseases

Dr. B. Educated – Professional Education & Research
Understanding & working with the neurodiversity paradigm & movement

Employee Wellbeing
Community-powered assessment of cultural and psychological safety at work

Transdisciplinary Governance
Coordination and crisis management in a digitally connected world

Clinical Data Governance
Security without compromise

Interoperability and Systems Integration
A comprehensive approach

Community Oriented Co-Design
Understanding the patient journey and local care needs

Software Services
Optimising patient journeys and networks of care

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