Interoperability of electronic health records systems via the IPS and Smart on FHIR standards

The next update of S23M’s Patient Journey Management service for hospitals that is scheduled for release in April 2021 will include optional out-of-the-box integration with OpenMRS, a best-of-breed Open Source electronic health record system that is used by more than 5,500 healthcare facilities in over 40 countries to provide improved healthcare to 12.6 million patients.

As the frontline EHR system for patient care in many countries, OpenMRS can be used for coronavirus (COVID-19) screening, treatment, and surveillance efforts, resulting in saved lives.

The integration between the Patient Journey Management service and OpenMRS is enabled via the FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) standard and the IPS (International Patient Summary) standard. These industry standards allow us to facilitate seamless information exchange between healthcare service providers, whilst respecting the limits imposed by patient controlled health data access privileges and regionally applicable data governance policies.

The IPS standard covers relevant metadata (record author, attester, data custodian) as well as essential health data (medication summary, allergies and intolerances, problem list, immunisations, history of procedures, medical devices, diagnostic results) and further optional data sets. The Smart on FHIR standard ensures that the same integration code can interface with any other health IT systems, such as other EMR systems, practice management software, laboratory systems, financial, and billing systems, among others, which also support the same FHIR resource types and APIs.

S23M’s commitment to open standards based health system interoperability is the foundation of our system integration and interoperability service.