Trans-Tasman knowledge exchange – Part 2

An Online Panel Discussion

S23M warmly invites you to attend a free online panel discussion on the topic:

‘Establishing effective long-term collaboration patterns with the providers of managed isolation and quarantine services and other non-healthcare organisations’

Update: This webinar was held on 9 September 2020. The first 12 minutes include an introduction to S23M’s services and software for the healthcare sector. The audio recording of the panel discussion starts at 12m:21s.

To facilitate knowledge sharing and learning the discussion was informed by questions submitted by members of organisations involved in coordinating and delivering the pandemic response in Australia and New Zealand. The discussion focused on transdisciplinary collaboration and the ongoing knowledge sharing, equipment access, and logistic support needs of community nurses and other front line healthcare professionals.

Facilitated by S23M in association with

Wednesday 9 September 2020

5:30–6:30pm (AEST) / 7:30–8:30pm (NZST)


45 min – Panel Discussion hosted by
Dr. Pete Rive
Senior Advisor, S23M


Kerri Nuku,
Kaiwhakahaere (CEO), New Zealand Nurses Organisation

Thijs de Blok,
Senior Advisor, Buurtzorg (Japan / APAC / Netherlands)

15 min – Q&A Session facilitated by
Jorn Bettin
Partner, S23M