S23M’s software product line for the management of retirement villages and care facilities is co-led by local communities, facility managers, nurses and carers.

S23M’s Care Facility Management product line offers unique resident-focused facility management and sales support functionality, including seamless integration with the broader healthcare ecosystem:

  1. Admissions Management
  2. Relationship Management
  3. Sales Management
  4. Care Plan Management
  5. Compliance Reporting
  6. Facilities and Equipment Management
  7. Contract Authoring and Management
  8. Staff and Task Management
  9. Invoice and Billing Management
  10. Resident Portal for Accessing Health Information and Community Services
  11. Healthcare Service Provider Management
  12. Integration with Clinical Information Systems

Care facility providers, families, and residents only need access to an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser to access our software solutions. All functional modules feature responsive user interfaces, enabling a seamless user experience across a variety of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

Our Care Facility Management product line is a subscription based cloud service and that can be rolled out without any additional investment in expensive hardware or on-site software infrastructure.

Scalable Software as a Service Functionality

S23M’s cloud based Care Platform contains a map of the entire healthcare ecosystem in your country, and it connects service providers via the SNOMED-CT compliant interoperability standards stipulated by national and regional health authorities.

All our Care Facility Management solutions encapsulate relevant regulations around aged care resident on-boarding and compliance reporting, including integration with the interRAI™ clinical assessment instruments, which are the primary assessment tools in aged residential care and home and community services for older people living in the community.

This enables out of the box support for patient journeys and information flows between aged care facilities, primary care providers, allied health professionals, and secondary care providers.

The Care Platform allows us to rapidly configure the functional modules of our Care Facility Management product line to your local requirements, in close collaboration with your team. We deliver solutions that reflect the unique characteristics of your operating model within a matter of weeks.

The Care Platform is a highly configurable enterprise SaaS product platform that comes with optional out-of-the-box integration with popular SaaS productivity tools from Google, accounting tools like Xero, and document sharing platforms such as Dropbox.