Transdisciplinary data sharing and appropriate systems are essential for the monitoring of incidence and prevalence of diseases

Disease prevention requires sensitive surveillance systems to ensure early warning during public health events and emergencies. We provide transdisciplinary public health advice from an independent perspective that is not biased towards the current public health policies of any particular jurisdiction, drawing on the collective experience of an extended international team of public health advisors, covering topics such as:

  • Integration of cross-sectoral communication within the One Health approach, integrating human, animal and environmental data, i.e. to monitor antimicrobial resistance.
  • Harmonisation of local and global guidelines and policies for reportable infections, chronic non-transmissible diseases as well as rare genetic disorders and mental health conditions.
  • Efficient surveillance systems: community-based, clinical, sentinel as well as contact tracing during epidemics.
  • Assessment of vaccine coverage and real-time follow-up of vaccination programs.
  • Systems and protocols for diagnostic laboratories with international standards for quality and biosafety.
  • Integration of data from laboratories and pharmacies into networks of care: therapy drug management, pharmaceutical care, pharmacovigilance.

Together with your team(s) we unlock collective intelligence

Public Health Advisory is a configuration and extension of our Creative Collaboration subscription service with an operational focus, to address the daily challenges that require immediate solutions.

Our Public Health Advisory service ensures that organisations have access to our clinical, technical, and community focused domain expertise on a regular basis – it enhances the essential flow of tacit knowledge between organisational silos and teams.

“The influence of technology on all organisations is now ubiquitous. Despite the enhanced automation associated with modern technology in healthcare delivery, effective use of technology requires people to collaborate, often across different domains and workplace settings.”

“Transdisciplinary collaboration hinges on psychological safety, cultural safety, and inclusiveness. These and other human factors determine the inherent social value of a company, the wellbeing of employees, and the quality of care delivered to patients.”

Visiting Faculty Australian Institute of Health Innovation, Macquarie University
International Academy of Health Sciences Informatics

Our track record

Our transdisciplinary public health team has:

  • Advanced the goals of (a) interoperability in the broadest sense, (b) distributed patient-centric data governance, and (c) health data security and privacy via the APEC Digital Health Policy Dialogue working group, the Asia eHealth Information Network’s Community of Interoperability Labs (AeHIN COIL) and the APAMI conference series.
  • Facilitated a series of online panel discussions to catalyse knowledge sharing and mutual learning between healthcare service providers in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand, focusing on: maintaining pandemic awareness, establishing long-term collaborations with the providers of managed isolation and quarantine services, and responsiveness in a highly dynamic context with significant variability in local priorities and practices depending on the latest local pandemic status.