The design of S23M’s software product line for local communities is informed by local needs for mutual support and active involvement in the co-design of locally relevant healthcare and care services.

The functionality of our Community Network of Care product line enables patients, residents, whānau, and members of the local community to collaborate, to contribute to the co-design of healthcare services in their geography, and to connect with the broader healthcare service delivery ecosystem:

  1. Secure Personal Data Stores
  2. Individually Managed Information Artefact Access Control
  3. Secure Private Peer to Peer Communication
  4. Secure Peer to Peer Collaboration
  5. Fully Multilingual
  6. Data Import and Export Functionality
  7. Community Operated Bullying Alert Service
  8. Community Operated Employer Rating Service

Patients, residents, whānau, and members of the local community only need access to an Internet connection and an up-to-date browser to access our software solutions. All functional modules feature responsive user interfaces, enabling a seamless user experience across a variety of desktop, laptop, and mobile devices.

The Community Network of Care product line is a cloud service that is freely available in all geographies in which S23M is actively involved in community oriented and patient centric health service co-design.