S23M Open Space workshop @ HiNZ 2019

Trust building, thinking, and learning tools to create an inclusive culture of innovation and collaboration

19 November 2019


The second S23M HiNZ workshop on this topic again brought together a committed group of healthcare professionals from across the country.

Workshop participants formed two discussion groups around two sets of complementary problem statements:

  1. How to initiate change: Analysing constraints and overcoming cultural inertia
    • Teaching, learning, and change in a capacity constrained environment
    • Challenging the executive team to understand change and the cultural context needed to support business as usual as well as innovation initiatives
    • How to get management to open up to bottom-up disruptive change; how to get traction
    • How to maintain an inclusive culture of innovation in a context where teams have limited technological literacy and where technology is not seen as an important driver of improvements
    • Managing people’s response to change
  2. Describing the target: Characteristics of an inclusive culture of innovation and collaboration
    • What is the best environment to nurture innovation and psychological safety
    • The role of language; avoiding slogans (Deming)
    • Encouraging a collaborative mind set and culture

After the lunch break both groups shared results and then continued discussing the implications, in particular the role of language in being able to diagnose, describe, and treat organisational dysfunctions.

The detailed workshop results have been published on the workshop results page.