APEC Digital Health Policy Dialogue 2022

Narrowing Health Inequity Gaps through Telemedicine in Adapting to the New Normal Directed by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in collaboration with the Foundation of Medical Professionals Alliance in Taiwan 17th – 18th November 2022 For three years running, APEC Digital Health Policy Dialogues have provided a platform for representative from government, industry and… Read More

Register for the ANZIL Creative Collab 22 workshop

The inaugural creative collaboration event for ANZIL members, 16 to 20 May 2022 The Creative Collab 22 workshop is an opportunity explore jointly trends and inform the strategic direction of the Aotearoa New Zealand Interoperability Lab based on the lived experience and needs of local communities. Registration If you are an ANZIL member or an… Read More

Introduction of the Aotearoa NZ Interoperability Lab @ COIL

The Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL) is organized as a forum to learn from each other and disseminating new knowledge and research across borders and within their own countries. Spearheaded in parallel are in-country interoperability labs intended to build capacity within countries to build, acquire, and implement those artifacts in operational environments – the clinics,… Read More

Model oriented software and interoperability solutions @ the Asia eHealth Information Network

As part of S23M’s collaboration with the the Asia eHealth Information Network and the global OpenMRS Open Source community, we delivered two talks at the AeHIN Hour in February and March 2021. The recordings of the talks provide a comprehensive introduction to the model-oriented architecture of the S23M Care Platform, to our customer engagement model,… Read More


Trans-Tasman knowledge exchange on new and evolving regional healthcare delivery ecosystems

A Series of Online Panel Discussions Up until a few weeks ago some countries such as the US, UK and many countries in Europe were experiencing their highest rates of COVID-19 deaths since the pandemic first broke out. The US has now vaccinated a little over 12% of their population and numbers are beginning to… Read More

Interoperability of electronic health records systems via the IPS and Smart on FHIR standards

The next update of S23M’s Patient Journey Management service for hospitals that is scheduled for release in April 2021 will include optional out-of-the-box integration with OpenMRS, a best-of-breed Open Source electronic health record system that is used by more than 5,500 healthcare facilities in over 40 countries to provide improved healthcare to 12.6 million patients.… Read More

Community oriented and patient centred health service design @ the AIDH Summit 2020

S23M Partner Jorn Bettin will be presenting on “Community Oriented and Patient Centred Health Service Co-Design” at the Australasian Digital Health Institute Summit (5 to 25 November 2020). Abstract Mutual trust between patients and the network of care is a prerequisite for improvements in integrated and connected care. Patients, families, and local community service providers… Read More