Creative Collaboration is a subscription service that assists organisations in establishing and improving psychological safety and organisational learning on an ongoing basis.

S23M invites you to discover deeper forms of collaboration by transitioning from the information age to the knowledge age.

The service consists of three elements:

  1. Learning – four or more Open Space workshops per year, to power a continuous SECI (socialisation, externalisation, combination, internalisation) knowledge creation spiral that breaks through the barriers of established silos and management structures.
  2. Neurodiversity – access to creative neurodivergent facilitators, and activation of the neurodivergent talent within your organisation, to question implicit assumptions and to overcome cultural inertia and bias against collaboration.
  3. Thinking tools – access to the MODA + MODE repository of knowledge, and via inquiries to our team, access to our collective tacit knowledge from working with more than 100 organisations, as a foundation for critical thinking and creative experimentation.

Creating and maintaining a psychologically safe environment is fundamental for the flourishing of all staff.

A genuinely safe environment allows all employees to be themselves, take risks, make mistakes, raise problems, ask questions, and disagree.

Our track record

S23M is the sponsor of the website, which is now used as key learning resource as part of the MBA course module on neurodiversity at the University of Otago.

We are operating the Bullying Alert System for neurodivergent employees and are actively involved in a number of further projects.

“This is fantastic. Thank you so much. It’s great to see a description of autism from an autistic person’s point of view – our preferences, our experiences etc. I hope this is used as a basis for research on how to improve mental health for the autistic community.”
– Feedback on the Communal Definition of Autism

“My greatest joy is that nature has gifted me with others like me and that I am not alone. Now I am part of something far more safe and comfortable than the herd could ever have offered. I am here as part of a mosaic of explorers and teachers, of artists and builders.”
– Regular attendee of our CIIC Open Space workshops

“Thank you! These articles and this collaborative empowering movement has been life saving for me and my family. We were confused outsiders before this community connection. And more than that it has enhanced my own understanding of humanity.”
– Healthcare professional in New Zealand

“The article ‘What CAN be misunderstood WILL be misunderstood’ helped me so much to find clarity and organise and make sense of what threatens to overwhelm me. Jorn’s writings are a gift for my ADHD brain.”
– Terra Vance, founder of The Aspergian

S23M partner Jorn Bettin introduced MODA + MODE thinking tools at Allianz Suisse, to analyse the product design process and to radically simplify the specification and configuration of new insurance products. The client concluded that the reengineered solution reduced the size of specifications for premium calculations by a factor of up to 20 (by raising the level of abstraction, and by better modularisation). Allianz reports an increase in performance of the premium calculation engine by a factor of 100.